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     Next course :   November 2014

This is the website for the Edinburgh Foundation Course in Ophthalmology.

This course was first held in Edinburgh in January 2007, and is designed to teach the basic practical skills required by new doctors working in ophthalmology, or doctors wanting to learn basic ophthalmological examination skills.

Applications for the next course (November 2014) will open in the summer. If you would like to register your interest in attending the course now, please send an email to edinburghfocus@gmail.com. We will send you an email notification as soon as the applications open, to give you the best chance of securing a place on the course.   


Venue: Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion, Edinburgh    MAP

1. To familiarise participants with the instrumentation and drugs in an ophthalmology consultation room
2. To enable participants to perform basic routine ophthalmic procedures
3. To enable participants to deal with minor ophthalmic emergencies

  Sample programme (November 2008 Course)


Feedback from the course participants:

    "Very good course to learn practical skills in ophthalmology"

                                                           "Definitely recommended!"

                    "Pitched at a level appropriate for beginners"

  "Very well organised"                 "Friendly approachable demonstrators"



James Cameron    2006-14